Student Perspective: Cotillion, A Fun Way To Learn Etiquette

CotilionBy Skye R.

Cotillion is a fun way to learn etiquette with your friends! Also you can practice for dancing when you’re older!

The first Cotillion this year was on October 16, 2017. I attended it along with some of my other friends.

First we did the Waltz, which is two steps left, come together. Then two steps right, and come together.

Then, we added three steps once you come back to the middle, and it kind of looked like a shimmy.

There were three extra boys without dates, so after a little bit of dancing the boys would tap another boy on his shoulder to ask for a dance with the girl.

Then we played a game. How you play is you use the same dance as before, but you would be stepping on a felt rectangle. They take a rectangle out each round and when the instructor says switch, you switch rectangles. My partner and I won along with my friends.

If you get a red stamp, you get a two dollar bill. If you get a blue stamp you get a piece of candy or a prize (only if you win a dance do you get stamp).

The Dress Code: Girls- You have to wear a dress that covers your knees or it is right above it.

You can’t wear heels, but you can wear wedges. You also have to cover your shoulders. If they are exposed, you have to wear a jacket over them.

Sandals are not acceptable, you don’t want to have your feet stepped on. With shoes there always has to be a back strap.

The Dress Code: Boys- You have to wear a formal suit and tie. Deck shoes are required for formal attire.

Near the end of Cotillion there is cupcakes and drinks for dessert. On the last Cotillion they provide dinner for you there, and you’re at a nicer location.

Proper etiquette-  At a table you should never have your elbows on the table. Never say anything rude or interrupt when someone is talking or complimenting you.

For example, when someone compliments you on your dress and how it looks very good on you, your response should not be ,“Of course it does,” your response should be ,“Thank you,” and compliment them back.

You can say something like, “I think your tie looks very good on you.”

There are several students from RMS who attend.  I interviewed a fellow Cotillion member and friend asking if she likes Cotillion and why.

“I love Cotillion because it is a fun way to be with your friends and learn proper etiquette and dancing!” exclaimed Karina F.

If you are interested in Cotillion you can sign up for next year online. My friends and I go to Gollatz Cotillion at the Redondo Beach Women’s Club. The registration fee is $208.00, but when you think about that for five fabulous evenings for $41.60 per evening, it’s a reasonable cost.

To learn more about Cotillion, visit

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