Turner, Uber Driver In Her Spare Time?

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By Emily D. and Skye R.

Have you met Mrs. Wendy Turner? Maybe you’ve seen her in classroom twelve or watching her kids play sports. If you haven’t met her, here’s a bit about Turner!

Turner has three kids. She has two sons, ages thirteen and eight, and an eleven year old daughter. She has no pets. Her favorite after school activity is driving her kids to their sports. In her free time, she likes to hang out with her family.

“After school, I’m usually busy being an Uber driver for my children,” said Turner.

Do you like to travel? Turner does! During summer break, Turner likes to travel to tropical places. She also likes to travel during spring break. She doesn’t like to travel during winter break, though. She’s been to Europe, Germany, France, and Japan, too!

We asked Amber K. and Christina J, two students of Turner’s, what they like about her. They think that she’s fun, outgoing, nice, and funny. They also like her food labs. When Turner was in middle school, she liked math and science! Turner has been a math and science teacher for seventeen years!

Turner’s favorite sports team is the Dodgers. She likes to watch all sports, but watching her kids play sports is her favorite.

Mrs. Turner’s favorite color is hot pink.” It’s so pretty!”

Mrs. Turner’s favorite foods are breakfast burritos, and her favorite restaurant is Benihana.

Turner is looking forward to getting to know her students. Whether you see her at Benihana or at a sports field, say,”Hello,” to Mrs. Turner!

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