Meet Ms. Markovich

image1 (1)By Skye  R. and Emily D.

Ms. Stephanie Markovich is another teacher we interviewed. Here are some crazy facts about her!

Markovich’s favorite color is hot pink, which fills her classroom. She loves it so much!

We were wondering what Markovich did for summer (which is probably what everybody else did too). She said that she didn’t go anywhere but she did do a lot of hiking in Back Bay Newport.

Markovich likes to eat at home rather than out because she doesn’t like to eat unhealthy that much, although her favorite food is french fries. What she usually likes to make at home is spaghetti.

She has two dogs, four geckos, and four chameleons. She really surprised us with this wild answer.

Markovich likes to spend time with friends and family as well as travel around the world when she isn’t teaching.

Markovich went to Cal State Long Beach for college. She said it was fun and exciting!

Markovich is an ELA teacher, so we wondered if she liked ELA when she was in school.

“It has always been my favorite subject,” said Markovich.

Since we know that Markovich enjoys traveling, we asked what her favorite place that she traveled is. It was Costa Rica. She loved it so much and it was so fun.

She enjoys speaking with student’s parents, because then she can help build communication with the family.

Markovich lives in Huntington Beach, which is an hour drive from Richardson! She lives next to the beach, and in her spare time she usually goes there twice a month.

Besides Costa Rica she has been to New York, Chicago, Boston, and Hawaii.

If you didn’t already know, Markovich loves the Angels! She usually goes to games twice a year, but has never been on the green screen!

Markovich’s absolute favorite restaurant is the Cheesecake Factory, and her favorite food to get there is Pasta Di Vinci.

What she is looking forward to this year is getting married. She has already picked out her dress for the wedding in July!

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