Coming To Theaters Near You

By Amber K.

Grab your popcorn and your soda, because it’s movie time! There are some great movies that are coming out that are must-sees! Everyone loves movies, so let me tell you about the new movies that are soon coming to theaters!


Tons of people love the book Wonder by R.J. Palacio. But it gets even better! Director Stephen Chbosky is directing a movie based on the book! Wonder is about a middle school boy named August Pullman who was born with facial differences and just wants to be a normal person with a normal face. When Auggie (August) goes to school for the first time, he learns that everyone is unique and that you should never give up, even when you think that all hope is gone. This touching movie comes out on November 16, 2017.


When you think of a bull, the first thing you think of is probably “dangerous”, “fierce”, or “feisty”. But Ferdinand the bull is the opposite. Ferdinand, the main character in the movie Ferdinand, is a gentle and sweet bull. John Cena, an American professional wrestler, plays Ferdinand, the main character. In the movie, Ferdinand has to free himself and his friends from his capturers, and go back to his family and his home. Ferdinand comes to theaters on December 15, 2017. This is a heartwarming movie about love, faith, and friendship.


Venture into the colorful journey of Coco. According to IMDb, an aspiring musician Miguel teams up with charming trickster Hector on an extraordinary journey through the Land of the Dead. Miguel dreams to be a musician like his ancestor although his family´s ban of music. This movie comes out on November 22, 2017, so make sure to get your tickets!

There are plenty of movies to keep us entertained.  Which will you choose?  

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