Some Of The Best Remain Anonymous

By Katie S. and Kristina J.

Many students at Richardson are very smart and work very hard in school. Some students, though, really stand out. One example of a good student that always tries to reach their goals, who will remain anonymous, is a seventh grade girl.

This seventh grader is very smart and works exceptionally hard in school. She is in hyper-compacted math, which is eighth grade math and Algebra One combined. You may find her at recess sitting down somewhere studying for her next math quiz, or doing her extra credit homework. She is also on the RMS Leadership team.


She has won many awards from her teachers during the awards assemblies, and she has gotten honor roll every quarter. Outside of school, she is very serious about playing tennis. In the future she hopes to become a professional tennis player. She is currently ranked 57th in Southern California.

Another person who works very hard in school and does their best in all of their classes is a sixth grade boy, who will also remain anonymous.

This sixth grader is a very hard worker and does his best all the time. Last year, when he was in fifth grade, math wasn’t really his thing. But, that did not stop him from trying. He still did his best to get to where he needs to be, and now he is in sixth grade and he is in Mr. Fujii‚Äôs accelerated math class!

These students are unique and exceptional. If you want to be recognized for your talents in the classroom, there is an awards assembly coming up soon at Richardson. You can be recognized by your teachers for your participation in class, and many more things!

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