Make An Impression With Fall Rice Krispy Treats

Pumpkin krispies

By Jodi Yoshihara

Eating delicious treats is fun, but making them is even better! Learn how to make a quick and easy treat that will make your mouth water!

Rice Krispies are a delicious treat to eat, but what about pumpkin Rice Krispies?  Making orange, pumpkin shaped Rice Krispies are kid friendly and is a great recipe for the Fall season.They’re so fun to make and even more fun to eat.

Just prepare your basic rice krispie treat recipe but add in orange food coloring when you put in the marshmallows. To make Rice krispies, melt three tablespoons of butter and put it on the stove under low heat until melted.  Then add a whole bag of original Jett Puffed marshmallows and melt it with the butter until melted. Be sure to flip it every thirty seconds.  Once melted add six cups of Rice krispies. Let the cereal mixture cool a bit and then shape into balls. (For exact instructions read until the end!)

Press a little Tootsie Roll into the top to make a stem and then add some candy to make the eyes and noses. You can make them look however you would like.  Just be creative! These can be Halloween pumpkin Krispies treats by making them look like jack-o-lanterns, animals, monsters, or leave off the little face and you can make these all the way up to Thanksgiving and have amazing and fun party treats.  



6 Cups Rice Krispie Cereal 3 tbs Butter 10 oz  Marshmallows (approx 1 Bag) Red & Yellow Food Coloring (to make orange color) 12 Tootsie Rolls 1 Green Fruit Roll-up (you will only  be able to find the blue/green combo)

Ingredients/recipe are from

  1. Melt your butter in a large sauce pan over low heat
  2. Add marshmallows and stir constantly until melted
  3. Remove from heat
  4. Add approx 4 drops of red food coloring & 2 drop yellow food coloring- Add until you have a nice bright orange color
  5. Mix in Rice Krispies
  6. Form small balls into the shape of a pumpkin (Tip: Add Non-Stick Cooking Spray (Pam) or Crisco to your hands before forming your balls)
  7. Cut Tootsie Roll in Half and add a half into each pumpkin while still warm
  8. Cut small leaves from the green portion of your Fruit Roll Up
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