What’s In A Dream?

Garfield Dreaming

By Sally M.

Have you ever woken up from a weird dream and wondered what it means? Well, Listverse has made a list of common dreams and their meanings:

  1. Car Trouble  These dreams can haunt anyone’s sleep – even people who can’t drive. In them you’re usually inside or around a car that’s going out of control. Some of these dreams involve losing control of the wheel or driving off a cliff. Having a “car trouble” dream can mean that you are feeling powerless over something in your life.
  1. Faulty Machinery   In this dream you are trying to work machinery that isn’t working the way you expect it too. Most of these dreams include dialing a wrong number, losing connection, or even trouble dialing the number. Some people have this dream when they are feeling anxious about trying to connect with someone. It can also mean you are losing touch with reality or a part of your body or mind isn’t working properly.
  1. Being Lost/ Trapped    Having dreams about being lost usually occur when you’re conflicted on deciding how to react to a situation in real life. A similar type of dream is one where you are trapped. For example, you could be being buried alive or caught in a web. These dreams that you feel means you are trapped in real life, such as if you were unable to make a good choice.
  1. Missed a Boat or Plane     In these types of dreams you are running to catch a bus, plane, or another type of transportation only to miss by half a second. You could also be late for an important event, such as a performance or meeting. If one of these dreams come to you, it most likely means that you missed an important opportunity.
  1. Failing a Test    This dream usually comes to you when you feel unprepared for something or that you are playing the wrong part in life. In it, you are unable to pass a test. In some cases you are unable to find the test room and in others, you can’t pass the test because of lack of studying.

   4.  Ill or Dying  Most people have these dreams when they are ill, but otherwise it could mean that you are or are afraid of being emotionally hurt. If someone else is ill in the dream, it can mean that you feel like a part of yourself that is similar to them is gone. It could also mean that you want that person out of your life or that you are afraid of losing them.

      3.  Being Chased   Dreams about being chased usually mean that you are feeling threatened by a person or maybe even an emotion. It could also just be the memory of something that has actually happened to you in real life.

       2.  Bad or Missing Teeth   These dreams can appear to you as having decaying teeth or teeth falling out of your mouth. It can mean that you are afraid of being found as anything less than attractive. It could also mean that you fear being embarrassed or that you have lost power in real life.

         1.  Falling or Sinking    In these dreams, you are falling through the air and sinking in water. Dreams where you are falling or sinking usually come to you when you are feeling insecure or that you are not being supported in real life. They mostly come to you when you are feeling overwhelmed.

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