Easy Snacks To Make At Home

Mini PizzaBy Kristina J.

When you get home from school are you hungry but, you just don’t know what you want to eat? Here are some easy homemade snacks, and some can be used in your lunch!

Mini Grape Kabob- You will need Pretzel sticks and your choice of grapes. You need to take a pretzel stick and carefully put the pretzel stick through the grape

Garlic Knots- You will need store bought croissants, butter or garlic butter, and garlic seasoning. Follow the directions for the store bought croissants, and when there are done melt the butter or garlic butter and spread the melted butter on the baked croissant. Then sprinkle as much garlic seasoning as you wish!

Pizza Roll Ups- You will need store bought croissants, marinara sauce, cheese of your choice, and toppings also of your choice. (Not required) Roll out the croissants and spread your marinara sauce. Then sprinkle your choice of cheese. Now, carefully roll up the croissants. Once you have rolled up the croissants then sprinkle a tiny bit more of your cheese on the top and if you have chosen a topping then put the topping on the cheese.


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