Is Coke The Right Choice For You?


People normally wonder what makes Coca Cola so addicting. Some say that there is an artificial sweetener that makes people want more and more of it. Others say that the people who drink the substance get on a daily bases. Bot what people don’t know is that all coffee, energy drinks, and Soda’s are considered a drug. Coca Cola contains Oz caffeine citrate, Oz Citric Acid, and Phosphoric Acid.

When people drink a can of Coca Cola, they are really drinking ten sugar cubes. Normally, people would throw up all of the sugar, but since Coca Cola has Phosphoric Acid, that is the thing that cuts the sugar and allows you to keep it down. The next thing you should know about this drink is that after about twenty minutes of drinking Coke, your system will start to react to the overload of sugar you just drank. Your immune system starts to break down all of the sugar into fat. This also lowers your blood sugar. In the early days Coke was made with Cocaine and that is how it got its name.

Several experiments were done on Coke. One scientist put Coke into a bottle and then placed a piece of meat into the bowl. After day one, the meat had a thick coating of Coca Cola on it. On day two, the meat had expanded and was breaking apart. Another experiment that has been done on Coke is when the drink was put into a cup and left there for a year. When the scientist poured the remaining liquid into a different cup, there was powder and sugar at the bottom. The leftover ingredients weighed about three pounds.

A scientist put whole milk into Coca Cola. They let the drink sit for a little while and when they came back the drink had separated into two different parts. At the top of the drink, the liquid was clear and and there were tiny flakes in it. On the bottom, there was a thick coating that you couldn’t even see through.

Another experiment that had been done was when people put Coke into a bowl of water. There were two kinds of Coke. One had sugar in it and the other did not. The Coke with the sugar sunk straight to the bottom of the bowl. The substance without sugar floated up to the top. When people were done with that experiment, they tried a different one. They put an egg into a glass, then poured Coke into it. When they tried to pull the egg out, the drink turned into a slime like substance that would not let the egg come outside of the glass.

Cola is not good for you.  So, the next time you are asked what you would like to drink, make a wise choice.  

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