There’s An App For That!

By Amber K.

Everyone is addicted to their phone. Why? Because of the amazing apps that they have have downloaded. 


TBH is a new app that everyone is gushing about. TBH is an app where there is a question and four choices. You pick which person fits each category the best. You can also see if other people chose you, but it is anonymous. ‘To be honest’ is what TBH stands for. Don’t worry, no one can see what you chose, so you can be totally honest with this app!


You can snap and chat with Snapchat! This app is an all time favorite, and it is popular for its cool filters. One of its most popular filters are the dog filters, flower crowns, and the face swap filters. Also, Bitmoji is an app that allows you to make your own Emoji, and you can use your Bitmoji as your profile picture. Snap, snap away!


Post your favorite pictures on Instagram! You can see your friends’ posts too and you can like them! You can also follow your friends and they can follow you back! If you have anything to say to your friends, you can just comment below their posts! You can text on Instagram too! Time to start posting!


Listen to your favorite music on Spotify! You can get free music anywhere! All you need is Wi-Fi and you’re done! You can also make your own playlists, and save your favorite songs. You can see what songs your friends are playing too! There is a huge variety of songs you can pick from! So get Spotify, and start jamming!

To sum it all up, there are some amazing apps out there that are really addicting and fun! What are you waiting for? Download these apps and get on the trend!

Editor’s Note:  As with all social media, it is advised for parents to see which apps your children are using. 

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