Thud! Boom! Construction!





By Annabelle H.

Before construction echoed throughout the school campus and became a part of our accustomed routine, although an annoyance to everyone, the school was nothing like it is today.

Can you imagine the school with a big ol’ locker bay by the cafeteria, with no gym, the classroom numbers all jumbled up, and the school’s colors red and white?

Last year, when the construction was at its loudest, wings were fenced off and classes had to move out temporarily to different classrooms. As you could imagine it was constantly full of activity and crazy, especially to the new coming sixth graders, who were just adjusting to the new school.

Teacher Mrs. Lisa Vaona-Case was asked how the construction has affected her.

“It has been really challenging and even frustrating. The day starts with the ‘am I going to get a parking space’ experience. Then, I never know what smell, sound, or disruption is going to affect how I teach each day. It has required back up plans and quite a bit of flexibility. And, it feels like it is never going to be done,” claimed Case.

When asked, ¨What was the process like, having to pack and move, then move back and unpack?¨ Case had the following to say. 

“I am still not finished unpacking! Having to pack up twenty-four years worth of teaching materials within a week and a half notice back in March, while teaching, was incredibly stressful. I moved twice, and kept teaching all five periods everyday. Richardson teachers did all of this packing and moving, while continuing to teach and help our students. We did it all! Looking back, I’m not sure how we got it all done,” answered Case.

Although construction is not completely done, there has been so much change for our school. There’s more lockers, added classrooms, and the gym is almost done. It is said that the gym will be completed in the spring of 2018.


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