Student Perspective: Snapchat vs. Instagram

By Kristina J. and Alex P.

Snap vs. InstaWhich do you prefer? Instagram or Snapchat? Twenty people were asked the same exact question. Instagram or Snapchat, and the results were surprising when we compared them to our research.

When we asked twenty people which social media app they prefer, sixteen said they preferred Instagram and only four people said Snapchat. Let’s be honest, when you really think about it then it is not very shocking. But wait until you see what research said!

The results from the research we did were actually kind of interesting, Instagram is used monthly with twenty-three percent of people every month out of everyone who uses social media. But, that is not enough to beat Snapchat! Snapchat is also used on a monthly basis with twenty-four percent of usage each month.

Yes, we know that is not a very big difference. But, you would really think that Instagram would be used on a higher monthly basis especially since almost every time I go to a movie or a landmark like the Hollywood sign, you always see someone recording it for their story on Instagram, or maybe Snapchat. Especially at restaurants or ice cream places, when there ice cream just looks too good to not tell everyone about.

Let us know what your favorite one is. Instagram or Snapchat? We truly think both are great!

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