Pazaaz Your Room

Fairy light bedroom

By Karina F.

Let’s be real, we are in our rooms almost all the time. If you room doesn’t have sparkle or is super boring, this is the article to read!

Diy Banners! An awesome way to fill up any space on an empty wall is with a decorative banner. Make a banner out of paper in your favorite color, decorate, and you’re done! You’ve got yourself the coolest banner that is truly you!

Fairy Lights! Fairy lights have been huge lately, and I can imagine why! They are perfect to decorate the above of your bed, or anywhere in your room. They really pop and make your room super fun!

 Picture stop! Decorate your wall with your favorite memories! Print out cute pictures of you and your friends or your favorite thing in general, pin them on a line, hang them, and you can think of all those happy memories as soon as you walk into your room!

Sweet Spot! If you have an empty corner in your room and you just don’t know what to do with it, why not make it your relaxing area? Fold a blanket and lay it in the corner along with some pillows! The cutest area to fill up that space!

Tissue Flowers! Attention flower lovers, you are going to like this one! Make tissue paper flowers and hang the from you ceiling, or on the wall!

Marina M. a sixth grader said, “ Adding decor to your room makes it more creative, colorful, and adds a lot!”

I hope this gives you some ideas to decorate your room and make it even more enjoyable. With these ideas and a few days off for Thanksgiving, I hope you make your room your very own, happy place!



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