Poetry Corner: “Broken”

By Karina F.

Why did everything have to be

Too beautiful and perfect for me too see

I should’ve known it was coming just as you were about to kneel

That everything was just too perfect to be close to real

I should’ve not even tried

But falling deep into your arms I simply could not resist those eyes

I knew it would not work out but I was enjoying it while it were to last

Just to turn around and stare at my heart shattered like glass

Your smile was contagious you were an disease

For our relationship to be magical then for you to fill with ease

You knew how to treat a women more than enough

So you could walk away and separate our love

It’s been a while now since I have seen you

I don’t know if you have changed and wished I had a clue

But now I am here ready to say goodbye

Remembering our love and those deep blue eyes

Sitting on the hilltop not knowing what to say

Except I love you, and wished it hadn’t turned out this way

It would’ve worked out if you still had cared

But as I look into your eyes I know you are still there


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