Poetry Corner: “Grow Up”

By Karina F.

The wonderful times and so much to play

As interviews and work stands in our way

All those amazing memories we have stored and kept

Learning our life lessons step by step

No problems, so young, reckless and dumb

Now so independent, and for more success to come

You see the ones we love and ones that always had a special part

Will always own a place in your heart

You learn lessons from your childish deeds

Which now opens a successful path for you to lead

Once a little kid with one big heart, and always to reach

Strive for your goals, things you have learned you can now reteach

The fantasy land when everything is great

Now turns into the real world you must get it straight

Everything happens too fast, so be careful and don’t blink

The days go by so much faster than you think

Be happy, always smile, and enjoy things while they last

Because today is tomorrow’s past

Follow your dreams, never give up

Because in a blink of an eye you’ve already grown up.

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