Poetry Corner: “Within Reach”

By Karina F.

The whole world is in your hands, and dreams within reach

All you have to do is try and believe

A world of harm and a world of beauty

With loving people, rude people, and opportunity

Some days are dark, some days light

But no matter what I will chase my dreams and fight

I will wipe my tears away and never look back

Except to learn and to look back at challenges I lack

Everything is possible as long as you try

I will reach for my dreams and never loose my spry

Your dreams might seem far away, and long out of reach

But the harder you work, they are closer than you think

Keep your chin up, there is nothing to lose

You have everything you need right in front of you

All you need is to be brave and have one big heart

And I promise you, this is just the start


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