Poll: Which Do You Prefer…Swimming In A Pool Or The Ocean?


By Kristina J.

Pool or Ocean? Which one do you like to swim in the most? Twenty-four people at Richardson were asked the same exact question. When I did some research I realized that the comparisons aren’t as close as I thought they would be.

Out of all twenty-four people who were asked which one they liked better, ten people voted for pools and fourteen people voted for ocean. You would think that more people would vote for pools because when you’re in the pool, you don’t have to stress about a shark coming after you.pool

The ten people who voted pool don’t hate oceans, they just would prefer a pool over an ocean. One person who voted pool said that they dislike the ocean because there is always a piece of seaweed that cuts them.

The fourteen people who voted ocean don’t hate pools, as I said before, they’d rather be in the ocean. SOceanomeone who voted ocean said that they like the ocean better because they like diving through the waves.

When I did the research the results were completely different!The votes for the pool where nine hundred five out of one thousand twenty-two. But, the votes for ocean where three hundred fifteen out of one thousand two hundred twenty. That is a five hundred ninety difference!

It is a little hard to determine whether a pool or an ocean is more popular. But, that doesn’t matter, all that matters is what you like and which one you prefer.  

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