Student Perspective: Girls Take A Risk, Build Confidence

By Ellie H.

Look around. Now, how many girls do you see? Ok, now girls. All of us want to leave a footprint behind, am I right? All of us want to change the world in our own way. Leave our own impact on everyone’s lives. We have given ourselves a goal to accomplish in the future, and we have imagined our amazing, successful lives. Over and over again.

Whatever our dreams or goals are, all of us won’t be able to make them a reality.

Only one or even none of the girls is this room right now can accomplish their goals. But it’s not our fault. It’s the fault of our parents, the generations before them, and all of society. They are the ones who set certain expectations for us in life and these expectations affect you more than you think. According to a recent study held by Girl Guiding, girls between ages seven and twenty-one had decreasing levels of happiness and self confidence than five years ago due to certain expectations their parents have set for them.

This is causing less girls to find jobs in the STEM field.

This is causing young girls to feel as if they aren’t good enough.

This is causing less women representation in the whole entire world!

Now, I’m not here to place the blame on our parents. No. I’m here to propose a way to fix this. To get all the girls in this room their dream jobs and an equal chance at changing the world. It’s as simple as being more confident when applying for jobs, trying new things, or being not afraid to fail.  Confidence is hard to gain by yourself and as a girl who is afraid to try new things, I understand.

This is why we need to be given more chances to build self confidence or more opportunities to really test ourselves and learn the right way we should be facing our insecurities. It’s the government’s responsibility to provide funding for camps that can increase self confidence in young women, because our role in society is just as important as everyone else’s.

Now speaking of roles in society, what roles do women have? Well, you will find less women in STEM jobs, engineering, WEB developers, and computer research scientists. Why is that? Is it because we aren’t good enough? No. It’s because we are afraid to leap.

To leap and try to grab onto that monkey bar that we don’t know if we can reach. To leap and only find out that we’ll land flat on our stomachs once we can’t grasp that bar. To leap, and end up feeling like a loser once we fall.

This is what many women experience as they want to apply for jobs. They feel as if they aren’t “qualified enough” or “don’t meet the requirements”. Don’t believe me? Well, an HP report actually found out that  men will apply for a job if they meet at least 60% of the qualifications, while women only apply if they meet 100%. Now, this is a huge game changer! If us, women, don’t apply for more jobs, we are actually missing out on many opportunities where we may actually meet all the requirements and just don’t know it! And instead of chasing after our dream jobs, we are chasing an imaginary goal, perfection.

As a girl, I know most of us are taught to be perfect. In magazines, the models are perfect. In Disney movies, princesses are perfect.  We look at all these things society have given us and they all seem to point to one word, perfection. But, what is perfection? Perfection is the condition, state, or quality of  being free from flaws. Does that sound human to you?

So, if we are taught to be perfect all our lives, it makes us afraid to not be perfect. Afraid to be flawed. Afraid to be imperfect. Afraid to be…human.

But as women, we need to start to gain confidence instead of striving for perfection, an imaginary goal. Be able to reach out for that risky monkey bar once in awhile. To be bold, daring, and brave. Instead of restricting ourselves with modesty, with expectations, with the constant fear of failure. Do you know who can help change this mindset? Summer camps

Michael Brandwein, a noted speaker and consultant to the camp profession, said, “What makes camp a special community is its focus on celebrating effort. In this less pressured atmosphere, children learn more readily what positive things to say and to  do when they make mistakes and face challenges.”

So, you’re telling me we have these camps. These camps that promote teamwork, individuality, confidence, and passion. These camps that can transform a young woman into a confident member of society. These camps that can promote girls to change the whole world. But, we restrict them. We only let those who can afford it to realize that confidence is the key to everything, while the ones who can’t afford it can sit at homes with their self confidence shrinking every second that is wasted.

You know what the government is doing? I’ll tell you. They are cutting off an experience from young girls that can transform the way they act, think ,feel, and where they will be in the future. Imagine this, you have dough. That can be bent, be baked, and be manipulated into anything you want. But, if you don’t know how to bake, then you’re stuck with a lifeless, flavorless, and boring piece of dough. But, when given a recipe you can change this boring piece of dough into flavor bursting cakes, cupcakes, pizza, and things with so much potential. So, please.

Please, don’t restrict girls from being more capable than they think they are. Please, don’t take away their potential. Please, don’t restrict them to a boring piece of dough.

By solving this problem, more women will be able to get their dream jobs in the future. Instead of paying attention to impossible goals such as perfection, girls can learn to face their real goals. Girls can learn that confidence is the key to everything and actually be able to change the world. If the government really cares about their citizens, they should make sure that summer camps are affordable for young girls, to help increase their self confidence.

All young girls need are a little stool to help them realize that the jump towards the monkey bar isn’t really that far.

All young girls need is to take a risk in a little while.

All young girls need is confidence and with that, they can accomplish anything they desire.

 So, in the future. We can get our jobs, our amazing, successful lives. Reaching perfection won’t be a goal anymore. Whatever we want to do, can be done.

But for now. Only one girl will walk out of this room to get their dream job. Only one girl can make it to the top. Only one girl can live their amazing life. Only one girl can change the world. So government, are you going to change that?

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