Disneyland vs. Universal Studios

By Amber K.

“Whoo!” That’s the sound of people screaming on roller coasters. I just love amusement parks because of their rides and parades, and for the thrill. Disneyland is awesome, except Universal is cool, too! Which park do you like better? Let’s see if your choice is similar to the other peers.

I asked twenty-two people if they preferred Disneyland or Universal Studios. Disneyland had thirteen votes, and Universal Studios had nine votes. I was surprised by the results because Universal Studios has the new Harry Potter World.

“I love how Universal Studios has 4D rides, and they are a once in a lifetime experience. It’s so much better than Disneyland because Disneyland is overpriced and too crowded,” said Seventh Grader Dillon M.

Universal Studios

But Sixth Grader Karina F. thinks differently.

“I have loved Disney movies ever since I was little. It feels like I step into a Disney movie every time I go there. It’s always so magical there and I feel like the happiness is just so contagious,” said Karina.

Many people agree with Karina. People say that Disneyland has just always been part of their childhood, and that they love going there. They also say that the 3D and 4D rides are just not as thrilling as a real roller coaster. Another thing that people love is taking pictures with their favorite Disney characters.

Disneyland friends

In conclusion, Disneyland received more votes. But that doesn’t mean you have to go to Disneyland instead of Universal Studios. Everyone has their own interests! So go and have some fun at either one of these entertaining amusement parks!

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