DIY Holiday Treats

Snowman cookie

By Emily D.

“Yummy!” my mother says as she takes a bite of my delicious strawberry Santa. Baking around the holidays can always be a hassle, especially for middle schoolers. Now I’m here to help you make some delicious treats for the holiday season!

  • Strawberry Santas? Cuteness overload! This is a super cute treat that only involves three ingredients! The first step is to slice a strawberry in half horizontally. Then cut off the leaves at the top and flip it over. Put a little dot of white icing on the tip of the strawberry and put two dots of black icing at the middle of the top half of the strawberry. Then put white icing to connect the two pieces of strawberry. Then you’re done! Ho-ho-ho!
  • Reindeer treats are essential, am I right? All you need is a brown-frosted cupcake, two mini pretzels, edible eyes, a mini cookie, and an M&M. Put the two mini pretzels at the top of the cupcake angling outward. Put the edible eyes in between them. Then below that put your small cookie and glue on (frost on) the M&M. Then you’re done!
  • Candy canes are probably the most well known Christmas treat, and I can understand why! They are so yummy, and so is this treat. All you need is two candy canes, a marshmallow, and melted chocolate. Break one of the candy canes into small crumbs. Dip the bottom half of the marshmallow into the melted chocolate and put the candy cane crumbs on the chocolate. Then stick the other candy cane through the top and you are done! Enjoy!
  • Come on guys, let’s build a snowman! Better yet, let’s eat a snowman! Even better, let’s eat a melted snowman! This is the cutest cookie ever. All you need is a blob-shaped cookie, a white chocolate Lindor, a black edible marker, a orange Starburst, and three green Starbursts. Mold each of the green Starbursts into balls and the orange Starburst into a cone shape. Use your edible marker to draw a face on the Lindor ball and put the cone on as the nose. Then put the three Starburst balls on the cookie and put the Lindor on the top of the cookie and you have your melted snowman! You can also add stick hands with the black frosting!

I hope you enjoyed these treats! I hope you try them soon.

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