DIY Gifts For The Holidays

Christmas red

By Karina F.

The holidays are coming! We have to turn on our thinking minds, thoughtful hearts, and start stepping into the marvelous world of DIY!

Banners! A great way to dress up your room for Christmas is to line your walls with banners. Any string with Christmas charms on it will do! Maybe even get a long line of Christmas tree leaves to hang up along with ornaments on your wall! Christmas banners will definitely make your room awesome and fill you with joy for the holidays!

Christmas is the ultimate season to cuddle up and and chill. Some good ideas to do around the holidays are…

-make cookies

-watch movies

-decorate your room

-winter photoshoot

-dance around while rocking out to your favorite Christmas jam!

-do your nails holiday themed

This season is all about receiving and giving. It can be boring having a gift wrapped with a bow, so some good ideas are to wrap a present with a little note with a candy cane attached. Some other good ideas are to attach a little mint, mini Christmas charm, or a mini mistletoe.

Some good ideas for DIY Christmas gifts are….








-basket of goodies

I hope with these Christmas essentials your holidays will be extra special. Make sure to enjoy your time with your family, laugh and have fun! Merry Christmas!

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