Poetry Corner: Fantasy Heart

By Karina F.

Flying away to some magical land

No worries in the way as we hit the sand

Looking this way and that, wandering around

No bells ringing except for the chirping bird sounds

A magical fantasy where everything is alright

Something besides the dark, someplace that is light

As I sit in the sand so close to you

This land was made for us, I for sure knew

Flying away like some type of Peter Pan

Into your smile and heart better than Neverland

Living in your heart is fantasy, and better in a pair

But as we begin to talk I am suddenly there

No one around except for me, you, and the moon

Every time when together, I am there with you

Being with you in the fantasy sight

Laying in your arms in Neverland, I suddenly knew that with you everything would be alright

The sunset and us sitting on the sand

I knew that if I were with you we are together in Neverland

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