Rattlesnake Rewards Store Opens

IMG_1381RMS students may earn Rattlesnake Rewards for Being Safe, Being Responsible, and/or Being Respectful. Rewards are yellow papers written out by adults on campus that may be kept until Tuesdays at lunch.  Tickets may be turned into Room 12 in exchange for prizes.  Students may redeem tickets for the following:

Pencil or eraser (1 Ticket)

Bookmark (2 Tickets)

Popsicle (3 Tickets)Snake gif

Chips (5 Tickets)

Food Certificate (5 Tickets)

Front Of The Line Pass (10 Tickets)

Mile Run (20 Tickets)

Extended Lunch (25 Tickets)

Are you earning Rattlesnake Reward tickets?  Don’t forget to save them to redeem your prizes on Tuesdays. 


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