Rattlesnakes At The Movies: Thor Ragnorak Review


By Andrew Y.  and Dillon M.

Many movies are came out in November but, in my and many other opinions Thor Ragnarok is the best so far.

It is packed with action and excitement that we do not see for most movies for years.

It’s everything you’d expect from a Marvel movie and more.

It’s jam-packed with adventure, a great storyline, and tons of humor, which is Marvel’s forte. It’s perfect for people who love and appreciate all things Marvel.

In this movie Thor (Chris Hemsworth) returned to Asgard after defeating Surtur. It turns out thatLoki , Thor’s brother, had taken the throne and casted their father, Odin, to Earth.

Sadly Odin, which lead to Hela Thor’s older sister to be released from the spell that Odin has put on her take. Asgard fell the the knees of Hela.

As Thor and Loki try to fight back Thor’s beloved hammer(Mjolnir) broke and left them both vulnerable to her attacks.

She sends them to the end of the universe, a planet full of trash that is governed by a person known as the Collector.

Unfortunately when Thor arrived cannibals tried to eat him, but the Valkyrie saves him and captures him to take him to their Grandmaster.

When he saw the Grandmaster, he also sees Loki who got lost in the in the universe when they tried to fight Hela.

As Thor tried to get Loki’s help, he refused. Next he got thrown into a cell, and the only way to get out was to fight the “Champion”.

When Thor was about to fight this Champion he saw that the collector was a Valkyrie from Asgard. The most fierce warriors to fight for Asgard.

As Thor tried to get her to help she refused to go back, because of the horrible memories she had when she last fought.

The person who traumatised her was Hela, before she was cursed. She lost a close friend and decided to run away from Asgard.

After Thor fought the Champion, which was the Hulk, brought Thor back so he wouldn’t be executed.

After everything relaxed, Thor decided that he will go back to Asgard to fight Hela, but he needed a team.

He got the Valkyrie to join them, as well as Loki and the Hulk.

When Thor returned to Asgard, he fought Hela as the rest of the team fought her army of zombie soldiers.

Hela was too powerful and he had to remember who he was, the god of thunder.  

She saw that he was powerful, but she was too. They had an epic battle of both gods fighting back and forth.

The plan was to let the evil force that Thor trapped in the beginning, Ragnarok.  Did he succeed?

Ragnarok was a action packed movie that I liked.

Did you like the movie?

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