Slime For All Styles

Slime supplies

By Karina F.

Slime has been a huge trend lately. Crunchy, butter, gloss, all are so fun to play with! They satisfy your urge to play with something and are so versatile! This article will describe some of the most popular slimes and what they feel like!

Normal Slime- Normal slime is a mix of water, glue, and borax. This slime is super stretchy, clicky and fun to play with.

Fluffy slime- Fluffy slime has a very thick texture and is very stretchy. It is heavy, soft, and makes great bubble pops!

Butter slime- Butter slime is made the same way as normal slime, but with clay added. This gives this slime a spreadable, soft, smooth, and super matte feeling!

Crunchy Slime- Crunchy slime has been really popular! It is a variety of foam beads, styrofoam, regular beads, etc.  These things are added in this slime to give it a nice crunch!

Candle slime- Candle slime is the same as regular slime and made with melted candle wax! It gives it an airy, super light feeling. It also has a soft texture, and smells so good!

Metallic Slime- Metallic slime has a great click and is so mesmerizing to look at! It shines, sparkles, and steals the slime spotlight by using nail pigment to color the slime!

Fishbowl Slime- Fishbowl slime has a very unique feel to it. It includes clear beads that are round and look like glass. They give an awesome crunch and add a lot to any slime!

Cloud Slime- Cloud slime is super soft, breaks apart, and feels just like a soft version of kinetic sand.

Iceberg slime- This slime is not ordinary slime. It is hard on the top and once crunched, it turns into slime.

These are all the trendy slimes lately! I hope you enjoyed this article and get into the slime making mood!

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