What To Do While Waiting For The Holidays To Arrive

Holidays twinkling lights

By Annabelle H.

December is already here! And we all know that waiting for that special Christmas morning is extremely agonizing, the anticipation rate growing higher and higher each day, making December feel tedious. Yet, I can fix that problem by giving you some time-killing projects and get you in the holiday spirit.

Do a Christmas countdown using advent calendars! Advent calendars are made with little doors/drawers that are labeled with the numbers 1-24. And for each day, you open the door for the corresponding day of December. Like if it’s December 1, you open the first door/drawer labeled one. Some have little treats inside or gift depending on your calendar. You can buy these at stores like Walmart or Target.

Bake Holiday treats, there are plenty you can make around Christmas time. You can incorporate snowmen, gingerbread people, Christmas trees, and many more Christmas themed stuff you can come up with. Look on Pinterest for inspiration or ideas. Maybe even decorate a gingerbread house while you’re at it. If you want, you can buy a kit from Target or Ralphs.

Plan a Christmas party with friends and family, if you’re on break, you’ll have plenty of time to do so. Send out invitations, look up recipes for food and treats, plan out games, and get decorations. It’s not a Christmas party without Christmas decorations. You can even do secret santa. It’s basically a gift exchange, where you pull out a name from a hat or bowl, and you have to buy a present for the person you picked, without them knowing. When the time comes for them to open the present, they have to guess who their present is from.

Decorate your house, on the outside and the inside. On the outside, use fun colored lights and hang em’ on a bush,  house, or a tree if you have one. Invite friends to help you out, it’s always more fun with friends. Use props as well, maybe a reindeer or an inflated snowman, just be festive. For the inside, you can incorporate fun pillows, ornaments, candles, a wreath, fake pine cones, stockings, use whatever you can get your hands on.

Watch Christmas movies! You can dig through streaming services like Netflix or Hulu and find some movies that you might like. And when you do find the perfect movie, drink some hot chocolate! Your Christmas won’t be complete without hot chocolate.

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