Get Into The Holiday Spirit

By Karina F.

This season is the time to relax, wrap presents, and dance around to all of our favorite Christmas songs. Christmas you can just not deny, is the most wonderful time of the year? Here are some of my all time things to do around the holidays.

One of my favorithot chocolatee things to do around Christmas, is relax, on the couch drink hot cocoa, and watch my  favorite Christmas movie.

Even Amber K. states, “It just makes me feels so warm and cozy, and definitely ready for the holidays! It is honestly the best time to just lay back, and let the Christmas spirit take over you. It makes my day, and gets me into the Christmas mood!”

One of the most common thing, but one of my favorites to around this time of year, is to go Christmas shopping! Buying gifts, and giving to the ones you love, really makes my day and the receiver’s day. Spreading Christmas joy lifts everyone’s head up and get excited about the holidays.

Let’s be real. Baking is life. Literally. Nothing is better than stirring up a pot of holiday cheer, and taking a bite of the most delicious cookies ever! Baking really makes Christmas sweet as ever! Having something sweet during the holidays definitely is a important part of getting ready for Christmas.

I hope you could relate to these Christmas activities and are excited for the holidays. Make sure to smile, relax, and have fun during the holidays.


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