Holiday Decorating DIY Style

By Amber K. and Emily D.

DIY Christmas Decor

Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la! ‘Tis the season to be jolly! That’s right! It’s the season to decorate your house for the holidays! Here are some cheap DIY Christmas decor ideas!

Homey Gift- Wrap the best present, the door to a warm and cozy home! All you need is ribbon, and you just “wrap” the door. Some wrapping paper can add a cute touch too! Your “Home Sweet Home” is about to get a little sweeter!

Staircase Slide- Penguins are taking a visit at your home! Just get cotton and fake penguins. Glue penguins onto the cotton and lay it out onto your banister and you’re done. Now you can hang out with your penguin friends for the whole holiday season! *Note-This DIY can only be used on two-story houses.

Snowman refrigeratorRefrigerator Snowman- Don’t worry, this snowman will never melt! Cut out some black paper into circles, and stick it onto your fridge. The next step is decorate it with other colorful paper! Stay cool with this snowman!

Wine Glass Snowstorm- Grab your jackets because this DIY is super cool! You only need a candle, fake snow, mini Christmas trees, and a wine glass. Put a little bit of fake snow into it, maybe to fill about half of the glass, and flip it over.  Next, put a candle on the top, and then you are done! Now you can have a little bit of snow in LA!

We hope you learned some new DIYs and we hope you try them out! Happy Holiday!

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