How Do You Get In The Holiday Spirit?

By Samara SN. and Kristina J.

Christmas is just around the corner and a lot of people are getting ready to decorate for the season. Now you would think that everyone would be worried about how their house looks on the outside, but you would be surprised on what answers we got from our classmates.

We interviewed some of our classmates on if they listen to Christmas songs around this holiday or not and here is what we found out. Most of the people that we interviewed said that they do listen to Christmas music. Some of the reasons were because they like to get in the Christmas spirit and listening to music is a very helpful factor to that. The people who answered no, said that listen to music could get old and after a while really boring. Also they rather spend their time more usefully and maybe decorate around their house.

We also asked others whChristmas Spiritether they get an artificial tree or if they get a real tree. The votes were really close, but most of the votes were that people get a real tree. The votes were only three off. The people who said that they like real trees, like real trees better because they love the smell of the tree or that is a tradition to always a real tree. The people who said that they like artificial trees better is because they are either allergic to it or a family is allergic to it. I don’t know about you, but I like real trees.

  The next thing that we interviewed people on was decorations. We asked them if they preferred to decorate inside or outside. Most of our classmates answered that they rather decorate inside then out. The reason for this is because it is not that kind of holiday where people decorate the outside of their house. Also, on Christmas people normally stay inside so we enjoy the decorations inside more.   


The last thing we asked others was if they had a special tradition. This is another answer that was close together. They were only three off! Seven people said that they do have a special family tradition. I know I do! My family and I always go up to Big Bear after Christmas. Four other people said that they do not have a tradition. They try not to make it too full out, their Christmas is always simple. The more simple, the less stressful.

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