Do You Need Ideas For Gift Giving This Season?

GiftsBy Skye R.

For Christmas, how do you know what to buy, and for who? Well, if asking them isn’t your thing and you want to surprise them, then here are some ideas!

If your mom is stressed and you want to help her wind down and relax then a cheap way would be to give her massage coupons. How you make them is little pieces of paper and a marker. Then you write on them: for example, a 20 min massage or foot rub.

For a dad, a nice camping gift would be fun. For example, a Bear Grylls tent or fire starters. I got my dad a fire starter and a pocket knife last year, and now he is even more excited to go camping!

If you have a teen sister (trust me they don’t like anything) it can be tricky to choose an awesome gift that they will love. I got my sister a pair of super soft and comfortable pj’s. The Christmas gift has been taunting her for over a month now!

A super cute idea for Christmas morning is matching family pj’s! Even though they could be pretty expensive, you could use them for several years!

For more holiday ideas, use your creativity! For example, ask whoever you are getting the gift for what they like. And you might be able to DIY it so it could be cheaper! Make sure to get or make your gift soon before it is too late!

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