RMS Gets Into The Holiday Spirit

By Amber K.

Richardson is getting into the holiday spirit!

Look around your classroom! Your classrooms are getting a little festive! Here are a few classrooms that are ready for the holidays!


Ms. Bezich’s classroom has fun and festive decorations all around the room! A bonus is that she has stuffed snowmen in her class! A fun little activity that Mrs. Bezich does is that each of her periods hide an Elf on the Shelf for the next period to find.

Mrs. Case’s room has a Christmas tree with bright lights in the front of the room. She also has mini Christmas trees on her shelves. Her love for flamingos shines through with her cute flamingo ornaments!


In Ms. Markovich’s classroom, it’s snowing! She has snowflakes against the wall and cute tinsel on her desk. There is a cute Santa Claus figure on her desk as well!

Ms. Arnold has Christmas lights all around the classroom. She also has paper snowflakes and paper trees against her walls.

“I think it’s cool how Ms. Arnold likes to have festivities in the classroom. She takes time from her school and job to decorate her classroom,” said Andrew Y.


Many people enjoy having decorations in their rooms to make them get into the holiday spirit. Remember to check out the cool decorations in these rooms!

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