Snowball Dance To Be Held On Friday, December 15th

Snowball dance

By Emily D.

RMS Leadership will be holding a dance this Friday called the Snowball! The theme is a Winter Wonderland, which is super cool and festive, so if you want to dress to match that would be recommended. To get into the dance you only need to pay $2! There will be a DJ, food, and loads of fun! I encourage you to go, and you should encourage your friends to go with you!

“It’s only two dollars! You can also hang out with your friends and listen to music at the same time!” said Sixth Grader Elliot L.

Others agree that it will be worth the money.

“You make really great memories with your friends!” said Sixth Grader Aarushi M.

You would definitely want to hang out with your friends and make some awesome memories, am I right? In case the cafeteria is getting too loud, sweaty, or you’re just hungry, head out back to get a snack. The food will definitely be amazing! There will be cookies, pizza, and much more.

If you want to request a song, just go up to the front of the cafeteria near the speakers and request a song! Make sure you write it below the person before you so the DJ doesn’t think he already did your song. Also make sure you buy your tickets! Leadership is in front of the cafeteria selling them at lunchtime.  Come join the fun!


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