Use The Crosswalks Safely

By Luke C.

Have you ever noticed that some kids’ parents drop off their kids for school in the middle of the street in the morning?  This is dangerous for the kids, who can possibly be hit by an unwary car.

This might sound horrific, but it is true.  Parents are dropping their kids off in the middle of the street, crosswalks, and red zones, risking both the crossing guard and the kids’ lives.  This does not make the crossing guard, Security Guard William Beretta, happy.

“The best way to drop kids off is not in the street, crosswalk, or in red areas,” Beretta says.

Parents are not the only ones being unsafe to get to and from school.  Kids are also getting off on the wrong side of the car or jaywalking, which is the act of crossing a road illegally, risking getting hit by a car.  Many kids do this, and this is hazardous to them.

But how do you get to school without risking your life?  You can first get out of the car on the right (direction) side of the car if you are dropped off and convince your parents to drop you off next to the sidewalks.  If you walk or bike to and from school, you can use the crosswalks and sidewalks and not jaywalk.  If you use the crosswalks, you can also watch out for cars.

Your parents couIMG_0170ld safely and drop you off at the right areas and not in the previously mentioned areas, like the crosswalks.  They can also watch out for kids that are jaywalking to prevent those who jaywalk from being hit by cars.  They can also drop you off in front of the school on Nancy Lee Lane, and not on any other street to prevent us from crossing any streets and risking you getting hit by cars.

“It is safe if you get off on the right side of the car and in the right place.  Not in the crosswalks,” Beretta said.

Vice versa, you and your parents could do the same leaving school. Use the sidewalks, crosswalks, pick up in the right areas.  If you walk or bike from school, you can stay on the sidewalks and crosswalks.

If all of us act safe going to and from school we can help make the school environment more safe for all.

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