RMS Students Have Talent

By Katie S. and Kristina J.

There are so many talented people at Richardson. So many people play sports, are talented artists, or are very smart. But some people, though, take their talents to the next level.

SevenIMG950447th grader Jamie H. is a very talented pianist. She is currently at level eight (and, if you don’t  know much about piano, reaching level eight is very hard to do) and she participates in many piano competitions. She wins most of them, by the way.  She has been playing piano since age four.

Sixth grader, Shay S., has been in several commercials. He has been in The 2015 Subaru Legacy Commercial, the commercial for Pizza Hut Big Flavor Dipper Pizza, Pizza Hut Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie commercial, and the commercial for Western and Southern Life.  It is really cool to know someone who is in four commercials!IMG950447 (1)

Sixth grader Nicole L. is very famous for her outstanding dancing.  Nicole knew she wanted to dance at age seven, and eventually got Awarded Hollywood Vibes Dancer Of The Year for 2017. Nicole also got interested in modeling and acting. Nicole is in the Youtube Red t.v. show “Hyperlinked” and was in “Dance-off Juniors.” You might also see her in Mackenzie Ziegler’s Music Video “Teamwork.”

Dance 1

Seventh grader Ava R. is an outstanding figure skater, and is a member of the South Bay Figure Skating Club.  She has been skating for a very long time, and has been in many competitions.  Over the years, Ava has won many figure skating competitions, and she says she has received around forty awards.  Her greatest accomplishment is winning a national figure skating competition.  Maybe someday we will even see her in the Winter Olympics!

FullSizeR (1)

Do you have any unique, outstanding talents?  Please tell someone on the journalism staff, and maybe your special talent will be featured in another article. Even better, you can sign up for the Talent Show, which is coming up in March!

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