Do You Prefer Real Or Fake Trees?

By Katie S.

Many people at Richardson were asked the following questions…. These are the results.

TreesDo you prefer artificial or real Christmas trees?

54% said real. Many people who would rather have a real christmas tree claimed that they smell better and are more festive.  46% said artificial, mainly because they are allergic to real Christmas trees.  Artificial Christmas trees are also easier to maintain and last a long time.

Would you rather travel or stay home for Christmas?

64% said travel. One person who would rather travel said that they would travel only to see family, so that everything is familiar and still nice and cozy like it would be at home.  Many people who chose ‘travel’ also said that staying home would be boring. Only 36% said they would rather stay home. These people claimed that Christmas should be spent at home with your Christmas tree and your family, not in Hawaii or Paris in a hotel room.

Home AloneWhat is your favorite Christmas movie?

The top spot goes to Home Alone.  Out of all of the people interviewed, 42% chose this movie. I also personally recommend you watch it, it’s very funny!  In second place was Elf, with 25% of the votes. Some other movies students chose were How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Christmas with the Kranks, The Night Before Christmas, and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Do you agree with these choices?  Whether you have an artificial or real Christmas tree, or are staying home or traveling for Christmas, hopefully you can enjoy watching your favorite Christmas movie and decorate gingerbread houses or Christmas cookies this holiday season. The holidays are coming soon!

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