Girl Scouts Earn Silver Awards

By Ellie H.

As the holidays are coming up, we are preparing for big feasts and the sound of silver bells. But, the Girl Scout Troop in eighth grade are looking to forward to something else that’s silver, the Silver Award.

IMG_0649 (1)Celia G. an eighth grader at RMS says, “This award will be a huge milestone in our Girl scout term. It’s something that we can’t wait to accomplish! Having this award would be great for college and a great experience overall.”

This award is given to Girl Scouts who complete a project in their cadet year. This project must involve community service and fifty hours must be dedicated to this project. These girls have decided to focus their project on helping kids in our community.

These Girl Scouts plan on gaining this award by holding a donation for families in need during the holidays in our community. They have a wishlist with things such as nail polish, fidget spinners, princess toys, Nerf guns, and cooking games. These wish lists can be found in Mrs. Arnold’s and Mrs. Pearlman’s rooms.

Allison S. an eighth grader states, “We want to be able to help kids in our community because most of us are privileged and don’t appreciate it. We want the less fortunate to experience the same happiness and joy around this time of year we do.”

So, why pass the opportunity to be another kid’s santa and also help the Girl Scout Troop gain their award? That’s killing two birds with one stone! Be a kind soul this year and give to the less fortunate. Remember when you wanted a princess doll when you were little or that amazing nerf gun? Help make these kids’ dreams come true!

You must hurry if you want to donate. Donations are due this week and the troop will be giving out donuts next week to people who have donated gifts! Good luck to the troop!

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