Video Games Bring Excitement To Gamers

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By Harry K.

Many middle schoolers nowadays have some kind of preference for the types of video or computer games they like to play.  There are a large variety to play from role playing games to Candy Crush. t]There are quite a few to play.  Although there many different genres that stick out, sports and shooting games are popular.

Sports games are more family-friendly than shooting games.  Also, there is almost a game for every type of sport.  Whether you like to play soccer or football, there is a game for you.  One of the most known producers for these games is EA Sports, one of their games is Fifa.  When taking a poll of middle schoolers 15 out of 25 of them liked sports games more.   

When speaking to an Dillon M. he told me why they liked sports games, “I like sports games because it is fun to play with your favorite players and favorite teams.”  

Playing with your favorite player or team makes the game more realistic.  In these games it allows you to jump into a world where you are someone else.  From a  world class fencer to a Nascar racer you can be anything!

Even though the majority of those polled liked sports games there was still a fair amount of people who like the shooting games.  Maybe it is the thrill of the action, the adrenaline running through your veins, or the competition of becoming number one.  

“The thrill of the moment is what I most like about these games,” said Elliot L. a sixth grader at RMS.  

Many kids at school have also said similar things where once they play shooting games, being in that moment where you have to fend for your life against the opposing, is the best part. To have the character striving for their life and trying to beat others before they beat you brings that excitement for the gamers.

Both genres of games are made for a certain type of person.  There is whole new world waiting for you.

Editor’s Note: See game ratings for those appropriate for your age.  

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