It All Adds Up


By Luke C.

You come into room 21 and see a bunch of students sitting around desks and trying to solve, as far as you can see, math problems that you have no clue about.  You ask Mr. Michael  Fujii, “What is this?”  And he replies “Math Club”.

So what is Math club?  The Richardson Middle School Math Competitions Club, or MC2, (get it?) is a club devoted to solving challenging math problems and going to national competitions to compete against other “mathletes”.

The math club consists of about 50 students.  There are three coaches, Mr. Fujii and two parent volunteers, Mrs. Lieu and Mrs. Oey.  The assistant coaches from South High are Brennan L., Chris L., Alvin K., and Jessica O.  They all are there to help students who are struggling with the math problems.

Many students participate in the American Mathematics Competition 8, (AMC 8), MathCounts and Noetic math competitions.  These competitions, especially the AMC 8 and MathCounts are very prestigious, and may get you very good points in your college applications.

A longtime “mathlete” and Math Club President, Ellie H., likes being in Math Club.

“I like Math Club because there are lots of people there to help you learn new things.  It also helps to challenge me. Getting to really understand and learn the different types of ways to solve problems is exciting!” Ellie said.

The club meets every Monday from 3-4 o’clock in room 21.  All students are welcome to come and see what solving math problems is all about.  And who knows, maybe you have a knack for solving them!

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