Model UN Club Reaches State-wide

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By Luke C.

Do you want to be in a club where you can meet kids from all over the state?  Do you want to participate in a club where you can discuss current events?  Do you want to be in a club where you can have fun with your friends and skip school at the same time?  Well, then Model United Nations is just right for you!

Model UN was founded in 2001 by the California YMCA Youth and Government organization.  It was made to teach middle school students about the world and life skills in a fun way.  In the first year, there were only a few delegations, but as the years passed, the number grew to include over 1,000 students from all over the state.

Students, referred to as delegates are in a delegation set up by a nearby YMCA.  There, the delegates meet once a week to learn about the program and what they do.  About halfway through the year, the delegates are assigned a country to represent and a program area.  They will learn all they can about the country they are assigned to and they will make a poster to represent it.

In March, they will go to a California National Guard base called Camp Roberts in Paso Robles for a training conference.  There they will learn about the particular program area they are assigned to and meet their groups and set up for the Summit at the LAX Sheraton in May.  At the Summit, the delegates use their research and knowledge to find solutions to existing international problems.  

Many students who are in this program like it, and they come back year after year to participate.  Eighth Grader Ellie H. has been in the program for two years now, and she likes it a lot.

“I like MUN because you get to learn how the UN works and that you get to meet other people who have the same interests as you,” Ellie said.

If you want to join, just come to the meetings in room 3.  They are meeting every two weeks currently, and they are on 11/7, 11/21, and so on.  There, you can sign up and learn about the program.  But hurry.  There is a limited amount of spaces available! If debates and public speaking is your thing, then be sure to come join!

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