Where Do You Sit At Lunch?


By Karina F.

Students at RMS have migrated from hallways to eating in the cafeteria due to littering. Students have not been throwing away trash, therefore, going to eat in the cafeteria where there is less trash. The cafeteria provides seats, and some room for everyone to sit and eat with their friends.

Many students at RMS agree and disagree with the fact of having to eat in the cafeteria.

Sixth grader at RMS Emily D. agrees, and enjoys sitting in the cafeteria, “ I like sitting in the cafeteria because of the comfy seats, and provides more shade.”

SeventhIMG_1460 grader, Annabelle H. does not like to sit in the cafeteria, “It’s too crowded and not enough room for me to sit.”

Teacher at RMS Ms. Markovich agrees with the fact of kids sitting in the cafeteria, “It is definitely quieter then when kids would sit outside of my classroom.”

Whether you buy or bring lunch, also affects the way students feel about sitting in the cafeteria. When you buy lunch, you are already in the cafeteria, but when you bring, you walk out of your classroom and are already outside.  The cafeteria would be filled already with a bunch of students who have bought, which does not leave enough room for students to sit with their friends.

Sitting on the ground provides more room for students and their friends. But the cafeteria has tables, where you can sit on seats and eat on a table. Having to eat in the cafeteria all began with littering and not throwing away our trash. Always remember to throw away your trash, to help our school environment improve and grow.

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