Is Why Don’t We The Next Big Singing Group?


By Kristina J.

Have you heard of the new band Why Don’t We? I know I have! In case you didn’t know I am a huge fan of Why Don’t We! I’m sure when you hear their music you will be too.

There are five members of Why Don’t We. There is Zach who is sixteen, Jack who is eighteen, Daniel who is also eighteen, Jonah who is nineteen, and Corbyn who is also nineteen. Yes, Zach is the baby of the group.

It is only the middle of their second year as a band, and they have had two songs on the radio already. Those songs are These Girls and Something Different, both played on Kiss FM and Radio Disney.

Even though Why Don’t We is in the middle of their second year as a band, doesn’t mean that they have not gone far. They went on the Jingle Ball Tour, with other artist like Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, and Camilla Cabello. I wonder how it must feel to not even be a band for three years and already go on the Jingle Ball Tour with all those amazing people.

They have five Ep’s and one single, they are also releasing a full blown album soon. By the way an Ep is basically a album, but with less songs. The five Ep’s are Only The Beginning, Something Different, Why Don’t We Just, Invitation, and  A Why Don’t We Christmas. Their single is These Girls, one of the songs on the radio.

So far Why Don’t We have been interviewed by a lot of popular stations and websites such as MTV, Billboard, and the People show. They have played a song or two at all their interviews.

If you didn’t know already, pretty much all bands need to live together with their manager in the same house because of how much time they spend together. They used to live with their manager, but now they live with and only with each other. The reason for this is because, when they lived with their manager, they were not aloud upstairs. Now, with their own house, they can do anything they want.

It can get very scrunched in their two story house. Zach, Jonah, and Corbyn all share a room and Jack and Daniel share a room. The reason for this is because Jack and Daniel have OCD, so they need everything perfect. Zach, Jonah, and Corbyn could care less about how clean their room is. The funny part is, Daniel and Jack have a bigger room than Zach, Jonah, and Corbyn. Why does the bigger room go to two people and the smaller room go to three people. To be honest, I really don’t know. I honestly don’t think they know either.

Why Don’t We will be going on their Invitation Tour soon. I am actually going to one of their concerts with VIP tickets! I am very excited to meet them and see them perform. Unfortunately the concert isn’t until March. Fortunately, I have enough time to make a beautiful poster.

If you do want to listen to them, I would recommend you listen to Taking You, These Girls, Nobody Gotta Know, or Something Different because those are their top four most popular songs. I bet if you listen to one of their songs, than you will like them as much as I do!

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