What Does Smoking Really Do To Your Body?


By Samara SN.

Did you know that more than one billion people in the world smoke? It is true more and more people are turning to smoking. Now that smoking is legal, more than 80% of our people are doing it.

When people smoke, the air that goes into your lungs can actually cause lung cancer. More than 84% of people die of lung cancer from smoking. When people inhale smoke, their lungs and airways get irritated and inflamed. The cause of this narrows and reduces airflows making it harder for people to breath. Even two or three cigarettes can make a change in people’s lungs. Only the little amount can cause coughing and irritation in breathing. It can also change regular cells into cancer cells by just one breath.

Smoking doesn’t just affect people’s lungs, but it also affects people’s mouths. When smoke is inhaled, not only can it cause disease but some of the infection that it causes can be fatal. Smoking can also lead to tooth staining, gum disease, tooth loss, and in more severe cases mouth cancer. Unfortunately, many people who smoke do not know this and can easily mess up their mouths.

Our skin is the most important organ in our bodies. Without it, no one would be able to live. That is why we need to take care of ourselves by not smoking. What many people don’t know is cigarettes contains carbon monoxide which displaces the oxygen in your skin, and nicotine, which reduces blood flow. This will make your skin dry and discolored. Smoking also consumes many nutrients, including vitamin C, which helps repair and protect damaged skin.

People should not smoke. Help to encourage others to stop.          



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