Get To Know Karina: “Three Things I Love To Do”


By Karina F.

I have many favorite things to do in my free time. But these are some of the activities I enjoy the most!

One of my favorite things to do is volleyball. It is so exciting on the court! Volleyball is hands down my favorite sport. I am the setter on my volleyball team for BCVC. There is nothing I would rather do than being on the court with my team!

Something I love to do in my free time is arts and crafts! Expressing yourself in such a way, is really unique. Art is like my imagination, I can do anything. Sky’s the limit when it comes to creating something truly your own. Crafts are perfect to reuse old items and give them a new start. With crafts you can create new things, and be completely creative with it!

The thing that can always make me smile is hanging out with my friends. Whether it is going to the movies, beach, or just hanging out at home, it is so fun to hang out with some very special people. My friends can always cheer me up, and are so fun to spend time with! 

These were only some of the things I love to do. Spend this Valentine’s Day spending time doing all the other things your family, or friends love to do as well!

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