Winter X Games To Be Held


By Elliot L.

The Winter X Games are annual extreme sports event held by ESPN since 2002. They will be held from January 25th to January 28th. This year the location of the Winter X Games will be in Buttermilk, Colorado. Every year about 200 top level athletes from all around the world come to compete.

Both male and female travel from every corner of the world to compete in the X Games.

These games will feature snowboarding, skiing, snowmobiling, and snow biking.

Some of the competitors to look for are Jamie Anderson, one of the best snowboarders. Tucker Hibbert who is the greatest rider in Snowcross history with 10XG gold medals. And Chloe Kim, she is the only women ever to land a 1080 in the Winter X Games.

Now for what everyone cares about, the prize money. This year the Winter X Games are giving out 3 million dollars total. After ongoing discussions with various women’s sports organizations; ESPN announced monday that  equal prize money will be given to men and women.

Good luck to all the athletes competing in the 2018 Winter X Games!

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