Bump, Set, and Spike With Kaylyn!


By Amber K.

Everyone has talents or special hobbies that they love to do. It’s just that some of their talents are hidden. Well, Kaylyn C. loves to do volleyball.

Kaylyn C. is a sixth grader at Richardson Middle School. She has been playing for about three years. Though she hasn’t played very long, her passion for volleyball is bigger than anyone else’s. She has played on four teams for Lomita Parks and Torrance Parks, and she has attended many volleyball camps.

I asked Kaylyn to give me some tips, and this is what she said.

1.“For beginners, you have to first make sure you have a comfortable grip. Make sure that when you hit the ball, you can easily bump it over the net.”
2. “Remember to move your feet and to be aggressive. Don’t be scared of the ball!”
3. “Have a sturdy and flat platform. A platform is the area near your wrist. Your platform is the place where you want the ball to hit.”
4. “Remember to be loud and to always call mine, or I go!”
5. “Have power in your hands so you can easily bump or set anytime.”IMG_0536

Kaylyn’s favorite thing to do in volleyball is serving. She can easily do underhand serves, but she is still working on overhand serves. She says that she likes to get her anger or any other emotions out when she hits the ball. Kaylyn said that she loves volleyball because its so fun and that it’s so different than the other sports she has played before.

She hopes to play for a long time and can’t wait for the Torrance Parks volleyball to start. If you need to know some tips for volleyball, Kaylyn is the person to ask! She hopes that she will see you try volleyball!

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