Get To Know Jayhee S.

By Karina F.

Sixth grader Jayhee S. has many passions, and is a very interesting person! She loves dogs, dance, and math!

Her family life is especially interesting for her dad works for NASA, and is currently working on building a new telescope! She also has one sister who is eight and her name is Joohee.

Jayhee’s birthday is on new years! She gets to celebrate a new year as well as a new age!

One of Jayhee’s favorite things ever is dogs. She has three of them, and loves them so much!

“My dogs are like my second best friends,” said Jayhee.

Besides playing with her dogs, Jayhee dances as an outside activity! She takes  dance lessons from Impulse and loves to perform!

In school, Jayhee’s favorite subject is math.

“It is really fun and you don’t have to memorize as much as you have to for other subjects,” said Jayhee.

Jayhee also likes to bullet journal!

“It keeps me organized!” said Jayhee.

Staying organized is important, and bullet journaling is a fun way to stay on task!

Oh food, who doesn’t love food? Jayhee especially likes Italian food, like pasta!

She also loves to travel the world.

“It’s cool to see everything beyond California,” said Jayhee.

She has been to Paris, Korea, Cancun, Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona! The place she would love to travel is Italy! Let’s hope she can check that off her bucket list!

Jayhee’s favorite color is teal.

Jayhee as well in her freetime loves to bake.

“It is fun to see the outcome of the treat!” said Jayhee.

Her favorite things to bake are cookies and cupcakes. Yummmm!

Jayhee also enjoys making slime. “It’s just so satisfying!” said Jayhee.

One of her favorite slimes to make is butter slime!

Catch Jayhee traveling, making slime, or baking and ask her some questions. She’s a very nice and interesting person!

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