Do You Have The Travel Bug?


By Samara SN.
People leave their homes and travel all around the world, but why? Is it because they love the culture, the smells, the sights? Or is it because they think that they can learn more out in the world then in books or school? Here are some facts about why people love to travel.

Many people like traveling because it expands their perspective on life. Traveling also helps us realize that there are many people that are not as fortunate we are, that might change people’s attitude about everything.

Traveling can also help people learn different languages. A study was done that when people traveled to a different country for a month learned more than a person did with weekly classes. Also when people learn a new language, it shows the culture that they care and that they are interested in what the culture has to offer.

Traveling can also be a great way to reduce stress. After a long plane ride and a bunch of loud car noises on the way to your hotel, it is a great thing just to look out your window and see a relaxing scene. It also can take your mind off a stressful time at work or a stressful thing that happened.

The most fun thing that traveling does is challenges people. Many people go to a coffee shop in the morning or watch television, but when people decide to  travel, it gets them up and away from a screen. It also gets them out in the world to explore different and amazing things.

Happy Traveling!     

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