Did You Know? Buby Has A Secret Talent

By Ellie H. and Harry K.

Would you be surprised if a teacher on school campus is looking forward to summer as much as you? This teacher is Mr. Josh Buby who teaches 7th grade Physical Education and the Visual Arts class at Richardson Middle School.

Buby has many talents and you may have seen some of them whilIMG_20180131_113638028_HDR (1)e being in his exciting Physical Education class.

Buby states, “One of my tricks that I am able to do is juggling. I can juggle three small tennis balls or I can juggle three basketballs.”

If you didn’t know, Buby is a master with juggling.  Not many people are able to juggle 3 basketballs at the same time. If you are ever interested in seeing his skills at work, feel free to ask him!

Not only is this a fun skill to possess, but his personality is fun too!

“My spirit animal is a dolphin,” this aquatic animal is the main animal that Buby holds in his heart.  Dolphins are playful and love to play games.  Buby truly embodies what his spirit animal is.  Being a P.E. teacher is a job filled with fun, games, and playfulness.

Buby is constantly trying to improve his skills. “One thing I love doing over the summer is to go to a physical education middle school workshop.  There I am able to learn a lot of new activities and methods in teaching physical education.”


Even during the summer Buby is trying to make RMS better for the students. If that isn’t dedication, what is? Mr. Buby is an exciting person who is constantly having fun  and  tries to improve RMS from within.

Buby is looking to forward to summer just like you and you might even see him teaching some classes during the summer! Our advice is, summer is coming soon, so hang in there Mr. Buby and the students of RMS!

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