Mrs. Beck To The Rescue!

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By Ellie H. and Harry K.

One of our teachers have saved a student during a Pickleball game! This teacher was Mrs. Beck.

Beck is our Physical Education teacher for 8th grade and the leadership teacher for our leadership class! She is an extremely kind teacher who cares about her students and if they enjoy her class.

We recently asked her, “If a student came up to you and said they didn’t like school, what would your response be?”

Beck responded, “I would first ask ‘Why?’ and then offer to help in any way possible. I would get to know the student personally, find out more information about them, and what they do like. So I can help translate that to what they are learning and experiencing at school.”

Beck truly cares about all her students, so if you ever need help or is struggling in her class, feel free to talk to her about it.

She also likes to add music to her class to get kids excited about what they are learning.

“Music is very important to me, and I hope it is something that makes daily activities and warm ups fun for my students!” Beck states.

Within P.E. music is incredibly important.  It helps pump up kids into running faster and really working it to get that last push-up in. Music helps increase performance.

Beck has an incredibly hard job with being the teacher for Leadership and P.E. and us students can help make her life easier in a few simple ways.

Beck wants, “Students can come to class prepared, ready to learn, leave excuses and negativity at the door and be open to trying new things.”

These simple, easy things can help make her day better.  These choices students have, although we might not know it, can have a profound impact on someones day.

This teacher also has experienced something crazy in her class, and thankfully for her quick thinking, her student is fine today.

“When I was student-teaching a Pickleball unit, a student got hit in the face with a paddle and her bloody nose and teeth scared everyone! I had to deal with her and bring her to the nurse’s office and keep the class calm- it was intense,” said Beck.

Beck is an amazing teacher at Richardson Middle School and these are only a little out of the many things to know about her! Make sure to talk to her if you ever see her around. She is an amazing teacher who contributes to our outstanding school community. Thank you Mrs. Beck for being a part of our school!

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