Marvelous Ms. Markovich Gets Into Mischief


By Ellie H. and Harry K.

We all have gotten in trouble before at school, either if it was talking to our friends or doing something foolish. But, could you imagine one of our teachers getting in trouble?

Ms. Stephanie Markovich is our 6th and 7th grade English Teacher who loves her students and her job. Before becoming a teacher she went to Orange Coast and  California State University at Long Beach to earn her Bachelor’s Degree and teaching credential.

After she had finished her time at college, she pursued her lifelong goal- to be a teacher.

“I’ve wanted to be a teacher ever since elementary school. I enjoy helping others, but more importantly I loved to teach my friends concepts they were struggling with at school,” said Markovich.

Markovich wanted to, from the beginning, always wanted to help others. Whether it was for English or Science she would try to help her friends understand what they are learning.  These are skills that work perfectly for teachers.  To truly care about the course matter to take the time to have others completely understand every part of it.

While Markovich is a great teacher and has a bubbly personality, her talking sometimes got her in a little trouble.

Although she was a quiet student in school, she got in trouble only one time. “It was during math class in high school where I was talking too much to a friend who sat next to me. As a result, I got a detention and was forced to come in during lunch and clean all of the beakers in the teacher’s science lab,” said Markovich.


Markovich did not enjoy this particular experience.  She had to clean every single one of the dozens of beakers. Although she was a quiet student she still did cause a little mischief in school.

When Markovich sets her mind to something she will get it done. From cleaning every single one of those dirty beakers to conquering her fear of heights.

“One unforgettable moment…to me was attempting to get over my fear of heights when I went zip lining in Costa Rica. I was extremely terrified for me,” said Markovich.

Markovich is deathly afraid of heights, but to conquer her fear she faced it steadfast.

Markovich is a true inspiration and one of the many hard workers on our campus! She is a kind teacher willing to help others and talk to them, so don’t be afraid to talk to her! Thank you Ms. Markovich for being part of the amazing staff here at Richardson Middle School.

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